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Become A Strategic Partner


Are you part of a company, foundation, or organization that is interested in forming a strategic partnership with Coprodeli? Do you have an idea for how we can work together to capitalize on both of our strengths and create greater impact for Coprodeli's communities in Peru?


Coprodeli has experience working with a wide variety of organizations both big and small to determine creative ways to work together long-term, creating initiatives unique to each individual partner. 







If you are interested in exploring partnership options with Coprodeli, please let us know, outlining your organization and interest in collaborating with Coprodeli. 

Examples of Types of Collaboration


  • Fund a program initiative that lines up with your goals

  • Offer sponsoring a child as a corporate opt-in program

  • Make in-kind donations or sponsor the transportation of donated goods

  • Offer services at a reduced cost 

  • Increase Coprodeli's visibility to interest groups throughout the U.S.

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