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Gift Giving Policy


      Over the course of the last 15 years, Coprodeli has learned a few tricks that make our Padrino Child Sponsorship program more and more effective and beneficial for the sponsored children. By moving away from sending individual packages from the US to Peru, and by following the guidelines below instead, your sponsored child will benefit from your gift.

      Why? Sending individual packages from the US to Peru can, unfortunately, be complicated. The mail system in Peru can be unreliable and tracking packages can be difficult – we certainly do not want your package getting lost! Secondly, sending a package from the US to Peru is VERY expensive, and we have found that the money that would be spent on shipping could instead be put towards providing something the child needs.

       Therefore, we suggest one of the following giving guidelines to increase the value that your sponsored child receives.


Make a Donation for a Locally-Purchased Gift that Suits your Child’s Needs:
Coprodeli USA will work with the child's school principal or center director, who know the child`s needs and tastes. They will help determine what to give to the child for your desired amount such as a mattress, new socks, or school supplies.



If you are interested in giving to your child in this way:  

1. Contact us at stating that you would like to give a gift of $X amount to your child (include child name).

2. Clink on the "Donate" option at the follwing link: and make the donation of the same amount, indicating "Padrino Gift for 'NameofChild'" in the "Purpose of Donation" box at the bottom of the page. 

Coprodeli USA will transfer this donation to Coprodeli Peru, and the school principal or center director will then purchase the gift for the child locally. This means that no money is lost on shipping costs, and that you are also aiding in spurring the local economy!


We will send you a photo of the child and the gifted item(s) upon receipt.

Time frame & planning

The process may take as long as one to three months to complete. Please be advised that the month of December is very busy for our staff and thus gifts may not be delivered till summer vacation ends in March. Therefore, please send all Christmas gifts by November.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

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