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How You Can Give


Are you interested in giving to Coprodeli, but you're not sure how to do so or what the best use of your donation is? Generosity comes in all shapes and sizes and Coprodeli is happy to receive whichever gift is most suitable for you and your family.


Please read below to determine which of the 4 giving methods best suits your needs. Should you want to give in another way, please reach out to us.



You understand that some of the most important donations an organization can receive are general donations - allowing the funds to be put towards powering operational costs and filling any project funding gaps and enabling the organization to be effective and sustainable. 


You feel confident investing general funds - big or small - in Coprodeli USA, knowing that >90% of general donations go to the efforts in Peru.

You are driven to fund a specific project, center, or program in Peru greater than $5,000, working individually or through a group or corporation to gather the adequate funds to do so.


You are excited to receive a formal proposal reveiwing project specifics, as well as progress reports and photos throughout the project development.



You are looking to support a specific child-in-need's education, nutrition, and psychological care. You would like to provide this support long-term, being a pillar of stability in a Peruvian child's life. You would like to receive updates and information about your assigned child.

You are an individual or company that has major goods or non-parishable food to donate. Or, you are interested in our Humanitarian Aid program and would like to finance the transportation of donated goods.  

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