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  • Coprodeli works in Subtanjalla, an urban marginalized community on the outskirts of Ica City, Peru, in an arid, desert region

  • Ica City has a population of approx. 152,300 inhabitants, and the district of Subtanjalla has approx. 16,900 residents


  • > 77% of homes damaged beyond use in Ica Province from the 2007 earthquake, leaving > 80,000 families homeless


  • Current unemployment rate: 19%

  • 72% of population in Subtanjalla live below the poverty line


  • Majority of families (average: 5 members) earn between $55-$60 per month

At a glance

A closer look

Ica has grown in recent years with the influx of migrant workers seeking employment in the agricultural sector and the flourishing of an international interest in Ica as a port for the exportation of packaged agricultural goods, despite the lack of infrastructure. 

Education in the Ica Region has been severely disrupted due to the destruction of the majority of schools, leading to indefinite closures, insufficient capacity, and unstable infrastructure.

The population has very little hope in relation to their own socioeconomic development, due to being taken advantage of. As Ica is one of the larger cities in Peru, many political figures and large companies make promises to increase and improve basic services and infrastructure within the city (to woo the local community), but fail to actually follow through. These promises of change and opportunity further attract event more migrant workers to come to Ica.

Thus, the population continues to grow, yet local municipal services do not have the capacity to provide basic services and public works to this growing population.

Coprodeli efforts

Subtanjalla was the site of Coprodeli’s expansion to the southern Peru in early 2007.  With a mature model of comprehensive social development proven in Callao and Pachacutec, Coprodeli has replicated this intervention in urban shantytowns and slums as a preventive model, seeking to address similar conditions of poverty and social exclusion before they become entrenched. 


History: As part of Coprodeli’s reconstruction efforts in the region, construction for the San Antonio Education Center began in late 2009 and with help from parent and community volunteers, the school opened during the 2010 school year. Classes were held in temporary rooms with provisional furniture – shared long benches, tables made from scrap lumber - in the San Antonio Chapel for 2009, with few teachers and staff members, all taking numerous responsibilities in teaching, administrative work, care of students and curriculum development.


Currently: Coprodeli is in the completion stage of the overall plan of our Subtanjalla, Ica site, which includes:


  • Center for Social Services

    • Education Center - serving 650 students in pre-k through high school

    • Medical Center – providing basic primary health care to 30,000 people each year

    • Youth Outreach Center

    • Humanitarian Aid Hub

  • Urbanization
    800 homes to be built

  • Public Infrastructure

    • Well that pumps potable water to the urbanization and surrounding districts

    • Electricity

    • Running water

    • Sewage system

  • Microenterprise Incubution Industrial Park
    Under construction; will support local entrepreneurs participating in reconstruction efforts to develop their products and services, and become viable businesses in the local economy 

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