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Long-Term Volunteering & Internships

Current Volunteer Opportunities
Please click below to learn about the specific positions and how to apply:




Interested in volunteering with an organization but cannot find an organization that will truly utilize the skills you have to offer? Would you like to commit several months or years to service after graduating from college but do not know where to begin your search? Looking into the Peace Corps but would like more selection in picking your placement? 


Coprodeli may have exactly the opportunity that you've been searching for. Read on to learn more.


Coprodeli's History with Long-Term Volunteers

Coprodeli Peru has a long history working with long-term international volunteers that have supported Coprodeli initiatives in a wide variety of areas, from construction, to music and English classes, to architectural projects, to incubating microentrepreurs. 


Role of Long-Term Volunteers & Interns

Coprodeli has many programs and projects and welcomes all the constructive support we can get. We look to place long-term volunteers by matching their professional skills with the needs of the organization. For this reason, volunteers will never simply be 'filled space,' but rather critical and contributing members of the organization.



Minimum Time Commitment= 5 Months (varies based on position)

Long-term volunteers must commit to being with Coprodeli for at least 5 months. This is because it takes approximately 3 months to adjust to your new surroundings and really take ownership of your responsibilities within the organization. 


Long-term volunteers can stay for any amount of time beyond 6 months.



Free of Cost, Free Housing + Food Stipend
Unlike the majority of organized long-term volunteer and internship opportunities, Coprodeli does not require ​long-term volunteers nor interns to either a) make a financial contribution or b) cover all of their own costs during their stay.

All long-term volunteers and interns are given the opportunity to stay in our volunteer housing, free of cost, in Callao, Pachacutec, Chincha, Ica, or San Martin, Peru (depending on site placement).  Typically, there will be other international volunteers staying in the Coprodeli Volunteer Houses at the same time. 


Additionally, Coprodeli grants each long-term volunteer and intern a monthly food stipend to cover necessary and basic food costs. It should be noted that the purpose of volunteering is to live in solidarity with the communities we serve, so the stipend accounts for a no-frills budget.



Skills Needed

As mentioned above, Coprodeli has a wide range of needs that long-term volunteers can help support. These needs range from administrative to hands-on 'field work' in the community. While the majority of our long-term volunteering needs are based in Peru, some needs could be filled by a long-distance long-term volunteer. 


Currently, Coprodeli has needs for volunteers in the following areas:


Education (Peru-based)
Teaching English


Other (Peru-based)

If you have specific skills which you would like to bring to Coprodeli, Peru, send us your resume and we will check our current availability. 


Experience & Spanish Are Important

Because Coprodeli views the time our long-term volunteers spend with us as precious, we want to make sure our volunteers have the tools that will make them successful. Two big tools are 1) previous experience / expertise and 2) Spanish. 


It is important that volunteers have previous experience in the area they would like to volunteer in so that they can really contribute to Coprodeli's work. Depending on the position, this could mean years of work experience and certifications, or it could mean a college degree in the relative field, or for an English teaching position, could simply mean you are a native speaker.

Spanish is incredibly important to being able to hit the ground running. You may have all the experience in the world, but if you are unable to communicate your ideas to those you work with, it will be difficult to contribute. For this reason, Coprodeli typically asks for an advanzed level of Spanish (exception: English teachers, Graphic Design require only basic Spanish).



Application Process

The application process is simple and straight-forward, typically lasting several weeks:

  1. Should you have any questions, feel free to write to us here. Please provide us with some background information on yourself and what your interests are in longterm volunteering before submitting your inquiry.

  2. Submit a cover letter and resume to in Spanish. If you would also like to submit an accompanying version in English, please feel free to do so.  The cover letter should:

    • Express why you are interested in volunteering with Coprodeli

    • What you areas you are interested in doing volunteer work in,
      and if you are open to exploring other areas

    • Your experience in any and all relevant fields (which will be
      supported in more detail through your resume)

    • The amount of time you would like to spend with Coprodeli

    • When you would like to begin your volunteer work with Coprodeli

    • Your level of Spanish

    • Contact information

  3. Coprodeli will pass your application along to the Director of Volunteers in Peru, who will look into all current opportunities and see if any make a good match with your interests and experience. 

  4. Coprodeli will contact you regarding the status of your application (typically within two weeks, please follow up if you have not heard back within one month). 

  5. If there is a potentially good match, Coprodeli will invite you to have a Skype interview to further discuss opportunities and the volunteer program. The interview will most likely be in Spanish, unless otherwise noted. Please ask how to proceed after your interview, as every case is different.



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