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NAR is now PAR

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Coprodeli’s At-Risk Youth Program or NAR Program (Niños en Alto Riesgo – in Spanish) was one of Coprodeli’s very first programs to be introduced. The NAR program was specifically geared to help youth that are less likely to transition successfully into adulthood and with little chances of becoming a positive member of society.

NAR is a completely self-funded program, made possible through the help of well-hearted individuals and that has been able to help over 15,000 youth to-date. Youth that have been saved from the streets and be welcomed in a wholesome environment. One where they can feel safe from violence at home or on the street, where they are nourished, able to do their homework calmly, where ethics, morals and values prevail and inequality and social injustice are out of sight.

There was one major problem, when the child arrived home, some had no space to do their homework, some couldn’t feel safe and some didn’t have a meal.  It was time to get the family involved, we began with single mothers. We enrolled them into Promujer, a self-help group where they are able to share experiences with women living similar circumstances and empower them to be better agents of change.

Along the way though, we saw a much gloomier scenario, we found abandoned senior citizens, people with disabilities and immigrants living in filth and misery and all in an undignified way of life. This needed to change.

Not only did we see At-Risk Youth, we saw an At-Risk Population, Coprodeli had an epiphany, it was time to evolve, the NAR Program had grown, it was time to reach not only youth, but people from all walks of life, this is how the PAR Program (Population At-Risk) was born. PAR includes At-Risk Youth, but also has self-help groups for Promujer, Senior Citizens, people with disabilities and Venezuelan immigrants.

Continuing with the same efforts we place on At-Risk Youth, such as providing them with life project workshops and nutrition. Coprodeli would now be placing the same effort on all of these people and design their life project workshop to be specifically geared and emphasized on their needs. We are now able to provide each of these people with an outlet where they are well received and accepted no matter what condition of life they are in.

The PAR program will also be a self-funded program, but now you will have a chance to help sponsor people with disabilities or woman from Promujer. You support will be able to help a person with disability in receiving, a monthly food basket, psychological support, life plan workshops and physical therapy sessions, where as a woman from Promujer would also receive a monthly food basket, psychological support, as well as life plan and entrepreneurial workshops to become financially independent.

Get involved in this wonderful new way of supporting others and see first-hand how a little help can go a long way in transforming the lives of these people.

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