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Padrino Child Sponsorships

Sponsoring a child is the most sure way to guarantee that you change the life of a child in high risk, forever.


Becoming a child's sponsor means becoming a child's stable, consistent source of hope and opportunity.

All children sponsored in Coprodeli's Padrino Child Sponsorship Program are in Coprodeli's Children in High Risk Program. They are the children who are in the most need, the children that have the cards of life stacked against them. Most children come from very rough home lives, and often suffer domestic, sexual, or psychological abuse; unstable living situations; and such poor economic conditions that they are often forced to work or unable to eat.


Given the chance, however, the majority of these children excel in improving their academic status and take part in personal development and community activities.  They just need someone to take that chance on them.

Please read on to learn more about the incredible opportunity to sponsor a child with Coprodeli and change a life. 

What does a sponsorship provide?

Why sponsor a child with Coprodeli?
How does this benefit a Child in High Risk?

What is the context of a Child in High Risk?

of children at high risk.

Public school students only attend school for half a day, and, with rough home lives, children at high risk are typically left with half of the day free, leading to even greater problems:



enable youth to beat the odds.​

Through 18 Centers for Children at High Risk and the
Program, Coprodeli works with children
at high risk to help them prepare for successful
by providing them with:


Children at high risk are left
to wander the

 No nutritious meals

 Little to no adult supervision

 No educational reinforcement

 No instillation of values, morals, and concepts of rights and self-worth

 No good examples to emulate

 Little opportunity to socialize with children that do not Also come from broken households, impairing their social skills

Limited opportunities for professional development


















Centers for Children at High Risk: A place to go before or after their half-day of school for the remainder of the day

2 nutritious meals daily       


Care and counseling from a psychologist

Tutoring and support in their studies;
school supplies if the children lack them

Promotion of attitudinal and civic values, morals,
and concepts of rights and self-worth

Role models to emulate - adults, professors,
volunteers, historical figures

Ample monitored play time to interact with other driven children


"Follow up" Program: Gives adolescents who have graduated or moved on from their schools schools access to resources for further economic, psychological, and professional support.









What can I expect as a sponsor?

As a Padrino, you are assured that there is a real connection between you and the child you support. The child you sponsor will know your name and benefit directly from your sponsorship.

Padrinos will benefit from video and photo updates of their child 2-3 times per year, the opportunity to write their child as often as they please, the opportunity to send small care packages to their child, and the opportunity to meet their child on a Coprodeli Volunteer Trip. 

What relationship will I have with the child I sponsor?

What is the cost of a sponsorship?

What is a sponsor's commitment?

Is this donation tax-deductable?

How do payments work?

Cost: The cost of the Padrino Child Sponsorship Program is $400 annually, or just over $1 a day.

Tax-deductable? Yes. All payments made for the sponsorships will go through Coprodeli USA, a registered 501(c)3, and therefore all payments are tax-deductable. 


Payments: Coprodeli USA has a Recurring Payment Program that we ask all new Padrino Sponsors to enroll in. 


Why? As a Sponsor for a Child in High Risk, one of the greatest things you provide for your child is stability and dependability – which is otherwise absent in their home lives. The Recurring Payment Program ensures that your child will receive the support he or she needs consistently.


Additionally, the Recurring Payment Program makes contributions significantly more hassle-free for both Padrinos and Coprodeli USA. Padrinos will benefit from greater convenience, less time spent on the phone and email, lighter consciences, and a more regularized payment timetable. Coprodeli USA recently reorganized by streamlining and consolidating its personnel so that whatever funds generated go directly to Coprodeli programs in Peru with no overhead administration fees. Given the reorganization, our Padrino Child Sponsorship program is coordinated by volunteers. The Recurring Payment Program makes managing the contribution of our Padrinos' payments substantially more effective. 


The Recurring Payment schedules an automatic contribution of either $100.00 quarterly or $400.00 annually (whichever you select) from your credit or debit card. Once enrolled in the Recurring Payment Program, you will receive an email receipt every time your card has been charged. Should you wish to do so, you will be able to change or cancel your Padrino Sponsorship at any time simply by writing to and/or

How do I become a sponsor?

How do I sign up?

Can I choose the child I sponsor?

You can become a Padrino Child Sponsor now by visiting and filling out the form.



Please enroll in Coprodeli USA’s Recurring Payment Program by selecting MAKE PAYMENT: QUARTERLY or ANNUALLY in the "Payment Information" section of the form.


You will have the opportunity to indicate any preferences for the child you will be sponsoring on this form. 



Upon submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email and will receive a photo and background infomation of your child within two weeks.



How do I tell others about sponsoring a child?

How do I tell someone about the program?

​​How can I share my story of being a sponsor?

How can I attract other padrinos?


Sharing about how to become a child sponsor and what the program provides

  • Download this .pdf document, which provides all the information related to being a Coprodeli sponsor

  • Link friends to this webpage



Sharing about your own sponsored child

Given that all updates and materials provided to padrino sponsors will now be in electronic form, it will be easier than ever before to download a video or photo from your child and share it with friends and family through email or your Facebook.

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