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Strategic Partnerships


Strategic partnerships have proven to be a pivotal part of Coprodeli USA's support to Peru. Throughout the past 15 years, we have been fortunate enough to partner with various companies, foundations, and other private and public entities to create strategic initiatives that will benefit the Coprodeli's community members in Peru.


Typically, we work with organizations doing well and doing good that believe in Coprodeli's mission to determine how we can best collaborate together to create even greater impact on-the-ground in Peru. Historically, we have worked with these organizations to fund projects, sponsor children, receive in-kind donations, receive services at reduced costs, form volunteer trips, and recruit long-term volunteers.


Read about our incredible strategic partners below.

Current Partners

Altar'd State


Partner since: October 2013

Partnership elements:

  • Projects:

    • 2015-2018 Social Investment Project ($1,592,723)

    • 2014-2015 Cañete Social Center Project ($212,595)

  • Padrino Sponsorships

    • 127 Children Sponsored ($50,800 annually)

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Partner since: 2010

Partnership elements:

  • Recurring in-kind donations: 3 containers of shoes per year

  • Donation: Covering all shipping & distribution costs

  • 4 Giving Trips per year

  • In 2015 filmed Virtual Reality Video on shoe giving at Coprodeli 

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Partner since: 2011

Partnership elements:

  • Recurring in-kind donations: 3 Containers of Rice annually

  • Volunteers and contacts

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First Book & Jet Blue


Partner since: 2013

Partnership elements:

  • First Book: In-kind book donations 

  • Jet Blue: Free air shipping for books

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Robert Morris University-ICenter


Partner since: 20015

Partnership elements:

  • Volunteer database support

  • Volunteer graphic design support

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Boyanci Wine


Partner since: 2006

Partnership elements:

  • Donations to fund Parents' & Volunteers' School

  • Donations to fund various classroom buliding projects

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Notre Dame


Partner since: 2009

Partnership elements:

  • Sends 3-month long volunteers

  • Long-term volunteer graduates

  • Alumni association volunteer trips 

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D.H.L. Aid & Relief


Partner since: 2014

Partnership elements:

  • Reduced rate shipping for humanitarian aid goods

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