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By staying in the loop with Coprodeli, you are able to learn about all of Coprodeli's news and receive updates on programs, projects, sites, and the organization. Additionally, this is a great way to hear about Coprodeli USA events and learn more about how you can be involved!



It is easier than you may think to make a permanent, positive impact in the lives of others. By becoming a child sponsor, you afford a child the opportunity to reach their full potential. By making a donation, you enable Coprodeli to continue growing its high-impact, sustainable programs and the amount of people it can reach daily.


Coprodeli USA welcomes anyone interested in getting involved! The 4 main ways to get involved are through USA-based events, planning a volunteer trip to Peru, and becoming a long-term volunteer or strategic partner


Please contact us if you have other ideas or ways in which you would like to participate!

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