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Welcome to Coprodeli USA's Informational Downloads page! Here you will find an assortment of downloads that you can save for later use or share with friends, family, and different organizations. 

2012 Coprodeli Recap


A PowerPoint that summarizes the accomplishments, in numbers, of Coprodeli's programs and projects. This is an easy way to get acquainted with and digest the scope of Coprodeli's work.

Introduction to Coprodeli's Work


If you are looking to learn about all the Coprodeli does and where it works in one single document, this information packet is for you. This .pdf document will explains Coprodeli's mission, vision, history, impact, programs and their accomplishments, and the context and background information of each geographical site in which we work.

Child Sponsorship Information


This .pdf provides you with all the information in regards to our Padrino Child Sponsorship Program: an overview of the program, what a sponsorship provides for these children in high risk, what you can expect as a padrino child sponsor, the cost, and how to sign up.

Informational Downloads

Peru Trip Guide


Thinking about coming down to Peru on a volunteer trip with Coprodeli? Check out this .pdf that provides guidance on what to pack, how to prep, and what to expect.

25 Year Anniversary


A PowerPoint that recaps the 25 year history of Coprodeli, our accomplishments, programs and projects. See how we have developed and grown responding to needs of our target population.

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