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Workforce Development & Micro-Entrepreneurship

To promote local economic activity, generate employment opportunities, and address local basic needs.

Sustainable economic development, involving the professional development of adolescents and adults, is a proven link to improved health, education and peace within a community.

Coprodeli's Workforce Development & Micro-Entrepreneurship Program is implemented through 5 initiatives: Micro-Enterprise Development, Employment Development, the Habitat Program, the Fair Trade Program, and Curriculum Integration.



The industrial parks serve as microbusiness incubators providing microentrepreneurs with the following services and resources:


Workshop space for low rent

Legal incorporation services

Development of business plan, strategy, and analysis skills

Training in marketing materials development

Connections with Peruvian and international markets

Guidance on new processes such as logistics and import/export regulations.


Currently at 70% completion, the Industrial Park will be home to 51 "MYPES" (microempresas, or microbusinesses). These 51 MYPES will generate 300 jobs. Microbusinesses already integrated into the Industrial Park include a corporate laundry service company, aluminum production companies, food preservation and bottling services, and many more.


Launched in 2005, Coprodeli's first Microenterprise Industrial Park has graduated into being the home of many established businesses! The entrepreneurs that launched with Coprodeli now have successful and thriving businesses. The majority have maintained their workshops and offices on the grounds, or expanded into new spaces when others have moved out to other locations.

1,338 adolescents

graduate every year

1,120 hours of coursework

required per certificate

Accounting, Business Administration,

Baking, Carpentry, Cosmetology,
Culinary Arts, Electrical Studies, Education, Informatics, Graphic Design, Nursing,  Sewing, Pharmaceuticals

16,246 graduates

trained in total



Technical training in a wide range of professional paths (see right)

High quality education
at a very low cost

Varied scheduling options

Job placement opportunities

Assistance and consulting
in small business planning,
creation and administration

Certificate of Expertise
upon completion


Coprodeli Technical Training Centers enable those that may have economic or time limitations to still pursue professional development. The Technical Training Centers provide the following to each student:



"Workshop School"

As part of last three years of high school in Coprodeli's Callao and Pachacutec schools, students must have completed the curriculum-required 1,120 hours of professional formation in order to graduate.

This professional formation is equivalent to that in Coprodeli's Technical Training Centers and students will each graduate with one professional certificate already under their belt.

"La Compañía"

Coprodeli's schools integrate La Compañia, the Latin American adaption of Junior Achievement, into all aspects of students' curriculum their second-to-last year of high school.

The students spend 4 hours a week planningmanaging and analyzing a company they create, in addition to 4 hours a week spent producing their good.

The academic material is integrated into every class: economic principles in social studies, business trends in history, marketing and communications strategy in language arts, financials and sales analyses in math, and quality control in science.

Coprodeli's Companies have included pastry companies, chocolates companies, artisan companies, and many more.

Each year, students throughout Latin America participating in "La Compañía"take a test covering the principles learned in the program. The top scorers from each country attend a La Compañía conference the following year. The past two years, Coprodeli students have had the highest scores in Peru, and have made Coprodeli proud by being selected to represent Peru at these international conference



Offers artisans a place to earn wages without child exploitation or discrimination against women.

Artisans produce traditional Andean arts and crafts such as paintings, jewelry, and home decorations.


Offers farmers a place to earn a living wage by taking out 'fees' that would be lost to a middle-man that connects fresh produce with markets and supermarkets.

Farmers produce fruits and vegetables. Recently, Coprodeli farmers have begun taking on some micro-enterprise ventures by beginning to use their produce to create other products such as pisco, a typical Peruvian alcohol.



Trains companies in the construction trade and develops innovative construction alternatives and designs that allow for the maximization of materials and local labor. Affordable housing models offered through the program provide homes to families displaced by the earthquake.


Please visit our Housing & Construction page for more information on this program.

A spin-off company by former Coprodeli employees who saw the necessity of such services within their community, COFOPRI works to get families and small companies the formal legal rights to their land.

Without COFOPRI, the process is too long, complicated, and expensive and therefore excludes marginalized populations from being able to formalize the ownership of their land, leaving them vulnerable.

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