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  • Located in a coastal area of the district of Callao, northwest of Lima


  • Center of delinquency, drug distribution, and extortion amoung other criminal problems.


  • The number of children attending school within the Barracones has decreased 60.5% by in the past 10 years.

At a glance

A closer look

34.4% of the school age population are not educated

27.6%%  of minors have a family member in prison

82.1% of the population indentify the main problems to be delinquency and drug consumption


"Los Barracones", a neighborhood located no far from Coprodeli's main office, has a long history as a hot spot of crime, including drug extortion and gang violence. 


Those who live in Los Barracones have been abandoned by the government. They lack educational resources, employment opportunities, and a safe place for children to play. 

Coprodeli efforts

In 2015, Coprodeli implemented two Outreach Centers providing the youngest community members a safe place to be afterschol, with a tutor to help them with their homework, and a phsychologist to provide much needed emotional support and a nutritious meal which some may not receive at home. 


  • 2 outreach centers, providing 120 children psychosocial assistance

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