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Coprodeli offers equal opportunities to children living in poverty to receive a quality education (pre-k through grade 12), which contributes to diminishing the gap of social exclusion in Peru. 

Many Peruvians living in impoverished conditions do not have access to health care. Through Coprodeli’s Medical Centers, Coprodeli assists in preserving the physical and mental integrity of the poor by providing primary and emergency health care, dental care, and mental health outreach.

Coprodeli offers outreach prevention to children and teenagers who live in abusive or otherwise detrimental environments. Children at High Risk's cornerstone programs are our Outreach Centers (Centros de Atencion Externa – CAEs).


You can support a child in need through Coprodeli USA's Padrino Child Sponsorship Program.

Coprodeli understands that economic development is pivotal to sustainable social development, which is why Coprodeli works through a variety of means to build economic and professional growth: technical institutions, professional and entrepreneurial programs in secondary schools, and microenterprise incubation industral parks.


Malnutrition and undernourishment are serious barriers to economic and social development in Peru. Coprodeli works to combat these issues by providing daily balanced meals and snacks to all students in every Coprodeli school and Outreach Center, as well as to elderly community members.

The majority of the people living in the communities in which Coprodeli works live in unstable homes built of precarious materials. When Coprodeli enters a community, we begin by installing the appropriate infrastructure: running water, electricity, sewage. After building the Centers for Social Services which house the other programs listed on this page, Coprodeli begins building 'urbanizations' or housing developments that provide earthquake-resistent homes built of sturdy materials that are affordable for socioeconomically marginalized families.


Sponsoring projects in Peru is one of Coprodeli USA's strengths and key contributions to Coprodeli Peru's efforts. 


Projects generally involve funding the construction of new centers in new sites to expand the programs' reach in Peru. 


Click through to learn more about the projects Coprodeli USA has developed throughout our 15-year history.

The force behind many projects and donations, Coprodeli partners with corporations, foundations, and other charitable organizations to bring strategic initiatives to the on-the-ground work in Peru. 


Strategic partners' invovlement ranges from funding specific projects, to discounting services and donating humanitarian aid goods, to sponsorsing children and sending regular volunteer trips. ​

Coprodeli USA is proud to enable the sponsorships of 98 children in Coprodeli programs in Peru - funding their education, nutrition, school uniform, supervision, and psychological care. 


To learn more about our sponsorship program and become a sponsor yourself, please click through. 

Through Coprodeli USA, you are able to make tax-deductible donations for the programs on-the-ground in Peru. 


More than 90% of every general donation given to Coprodeli USA is used towards the on-the-ground programming and operational costs in Peru.

Coprodeli happily welcomes qualified volunteers to come take part in the action in Peru. 


Coprodeli USA helps to organize and execute over 7 volunteer trips a year from strategic partners, and facilitates over 10 long-term American volunteers per year.


Learn how you can become involved. 

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