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The San Martin Jungle Education Project brings Coprodeli’s proven education model to 8 underperforming schools in the Peruvian jungle. Through teacher trainings and the implementation of an innovative curricula, students will benefit from a whole day of classes which incorporate modern technology. This project will raise students' test scores above the national average and increase the number of graduates who continue on to university, despite working with the most impoverished communities in the country. The gift of education is the most powerful way to help these communities help  themselves... Read on below.




Thanks to a generous anonymous donor, all funds raised for this project prior to January 31, 2015, will be matched, up to $25,000.

Help us turn $25,000 into $50,000!

Why it matters
Who benefits
How we'll do it

To transfer innovative curriculum developed by Coprodeli to 8 schools in the San Martín jungle

Despite the incorporation of universal education in Peru, requiring all children attend school through middle school, the level of education remains very poor, with Peru ranking among the lowest on international standardized tests. In contrast, Coprodeli students score above the national average, with each school producing results far above the averages in their respective region. Learn more about how the Coprodeli model makes such a difference compared to the public school system.

120 teachers
3,000 students
15,000 indirect beneficiaries (community volunteers and classes family members)

First, the principals and 4 curriculum coordinators from each of the 8 schools we'll be working with in the jungle will come to Lima to visit our coastal sites and learn from our existing model. Following this initial training, 4 lead administrators from the Coprodeli Education Program (directors and curriculum specialists) will spend 1 intensive week per month at jungle site, further training local staff. Each month, 9 workshops will be held at each of 8 jungle schools, where the principals and curriculum coordinators will transfer their newly-gained knowledge and train their colleagues.


The ball’s already rolling! Coprodeli needs to begin training teachers and administrators ASAP in order for a sufficient amount of capacity to be built prior to the start of the Peruvian school year, in March 2015. Though funding for the project has yet to be secured, Coprodeli sees this as a critical need, and therefore this extensive training program will be launched the first week of December 2014. Please support our cause now!


This project has the complete support of the jungle communities, school staff, and the Peruvian Ministry of Education which will finance the teacher salaries in the jungle. This will provide continuity as the newly trained and empowered teachers will be motivated to stay with the schools and continue providing quality education to future generations of students. Furthermore, Coprodeli schools have a proven track record of retaining staff, and significantly improving student scores, which in turn further drives the staff to continue to excel.


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